Monday, April 22, 2013

PBB: Zara edition

Aahhh the Perfect Black Bag...I don't know about you but to me this is the hardest item to find. It has to be big enough so that I can carry my life in it, it has to be neutral enough so that I can pair it with anything  and it has to be of good quality. I fell in love with this ZARA bag in particular because it combines all of the above and kind of reminds me of the C√ČLINE bags.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Flowers and stripes

There is nothing like some awful weather in the first days of spring, isn't it?! Just when you think: Yes! Winter is gone, helloooo tank tops and sandals. Nope, rain, snow and low temperatures are here just in time for spring vacation. Anyway I am already in summer mode and even though color is always in, I am a true black and white girl, hence my favorite trend for SS13. Oh and stripes, gotta love me some stripes :)


Thursday, February 28, 2013

She wolf

Yeap, you guest correctly, there is something different in me this time. My hair is shorter yet again, I was kinda nervous of how awkward would such short hair look on me but I am diggin' it now.
And the sweater is form ZARA. I don't know if you have noticed sometimes stores pull the most random of clothes, things I haven't seen during the season and then all of a sudden 50%  discounted. Not that I mind, in fact this is the second reason why I love winter sales, first being - all the yellows, oranges, bright blues and greens that hit the stores for spring. I am so exited, I mean I love fall and winter but come on I am tired of wearing 2 pairs of tights and then socks and then a dress and a cardigan and a scarf and the huge coat, no no no! I want my flats and blazers and colorful dresses already.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Tee time

 Hi there! What's up? You know I have been thinking a lot about you lately. It was exam week for me this week, hense the no posting and I have been meaning to let you know I am starting a new challenge for myself - tweeting and instagraming every day starting today. So join me in this adventure of random inspirations and being socialy active for a change, follow me on Twitter: anni_hristova and Instagram: anihristova.
Have an amazing Friday :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter sunshine

Goooood morning and happy Monday everyone :)
I just wanted to make a quick stop on my way to my morning cup of coffee to wish an amazing and very productive day, I know mine will be as well.

Lots of love

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Silver linings

Aaaand I am finally back. At the end of last year I decided that I need a break not just from the online world but from everything else. It started with winter break from school and I liked it so much I decided to extend it a little more. You know what people say about falling out of a rutine and getting back into it is very hard, well I am here to confirm it. It was so nice I caught up with most of the tv shows I watch, I saw a lot of the movies that came out at the end of the year (I will tell my favourite was Silver Linings Playbook - amazing movie, loved Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence is getting better and better with every movie she does), I got a new job and started making the arrangements for next summer. I enjoed the holidays and as probably every other person I made a list with my resolutions and goals for the new year.
Now on to the outfit, I have been getting more and more into the metalic colors this winter and this top that is actually a dress that I got so many years ago that the store I got it from doesn't exist anymore. I found it when I decided that my wardrobe needs a clense and by that I mean a new organization system and a very detailed wishlist for spring/summer.
So moral of the story never throw out your clothes!
It is so good been back :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hi there, I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in forever. I know I don't have an excuse besidedes that the past 2 weeks have just been crazy and actually I now realize this is my first actual post for 2013. That is why I chose to start the new year with my newest obssession - my jean shirt.
I hope you all have an amazing day!


Friday, January 4, 2013

The 12 of 2012


Happy New Year Everybody !!!

I hope you had an amazing time during the holidays and I will talk to you soon  :)